Regarding the press article about processing of meat originating from the ASF (African Swine Flu) risk zones, Sokołów S.A. declares, that the cans mentioned in the article were produced using ASF-free raw materials acquired through the intervention buying of pigs from the farmers in the ASF-risk zones.

The animals brought to our facilities via the intervention programme are healthy without exception. This is confirmed ever time by a veterinarian, who examines each animal for the presence of the ASF virus. The examination is performed at the farm where the animals originate from. There is no possibility for a sick animal to be brought to the facility and for the infected raw material to be processed.

The company has made the decision to participate in the government animal buy-out programme from the ASF-risk zones (especially the Podlasie region, which was the first to experience the problem first-hand) in order to help the farmers who are our long-term contractors.

Sokołów S.A. is very particular about quality and safety of its products. All products entering the market, including the cans mentioned above, meet safety standards set in the food safety laws, and the meat and meat products are produced under constant supervision of the Veterinary Inspection. All animals brought to Sokołów S.A. facilities undergo a thorough veterinary examination on all stages of production. The examination is performed in the following stages:

  1.  Examination of the animals by the veterinarian at the farm and issuing a health certificate.
  2.  Examination of the animals during their reception to the facility and verification of documents.
  3.  Current veterinary examination of animals during their stay at the facility.
  4.  Examination of carcasses and evaluation of meat.

The whole process is controlled by the employees of the Veterinary Inspection or veterinarians designated by the Regional Veterinary Inspector, which guarantees that the meat and our products meet any and all food safety law criteria and are safe for the consumer.  

Marcin Bałanda
PR and Communications Director
Sokołów S.A.