Did you know...

Surely you've heard that Sokołów S.A. is one of the largest and most modern producers of meat in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe. Still hungry for knowledge? We will share with you a tasty portion of surprising facts. But be warned — the appetite for Sokołów grows as you are reading!

The Tarnów branch produces so many burgers per year that, when stacked one atop the other, they would form a tower higher than Mount Everest

Sokołów was the first meat company listed on the Stock Exchange

Sokołów was the first to sale wieners without casings

The history of the Robaków branch dates back to 1899

Sokołów S.A. has annual sales of about PLN 4.6 billion

Sokołów S.A. employs more than 8,000 employees

In 2019 Sokołów S.A. sold more than 374,000 tonnes of products

The Czyżew branch produces so many wieners per month, that they would stretch from Warsaw to New York

The pâtés that the Czyżew branch employees produce per month weigh as much as approx. 100 elephants

Sokołów Group has 285 stores

Sokołów S.A. products are available in approximately 40 countries around the world

The Dębica branch is the only Polish manufacturer of products with a natural mould

Products from Dębica mature for up to 6 weeks in special chambers

The merger of the Sokołów Group with the Farm Food Group occurred in 2000

The Sokołów Group consists of 8 modern factories and 5 subsidiaries

Sokołów S.A. branches meet the highest quality standards, certified by the BRC and/or IFS certificates

The seasoning of beef in the Koło branch lasts from 10 days to 6 weeks