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SOKOŁÓW S.A. is one of the largest meat producers in Central and Eastern Europe and one of the industry leaders in Poland. It has been setting standards in the meat processing industry for years and is a precursor of change. Thanks to many years of consistent and effective activities, the SOKOŁÓW brand has become the best-known and top-selling meat brand in Poland. The Sokołów Group employs almost 10,000 employees. The company’s main office is located in Sokołów Podlaski. 

The Group consists of 8 modern production plants located in: Sokołów Podlaski, Koło, Robakowo, Dębica, Czyżew, Jarosław, Tarnów and Osie, as well as 4 subsidiary companies: Sokołów Logistyka, Sokołów Service, Agro Sokołów and Sokołów-Net.

Only the best raw materials are used in production, in large part obtained within the frameworks of cooperation programmes with breeders. The production takes place in accordance with the requirements of internationally recognized IFS and BRC standards. All production plants are ISO14001-certified, confirming compliance with the highest environmental requirements.

The Sokołów company consists of subsidiary companies:
Sokołów Service

Sokołów Service

Sokołów Logistyka

Sokołów Logistyka

Agro Sokołów

Agro Sokołów


The Sokołów S.A. was the first meat company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (in 1993). The Company has left the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2006.

History of the Sokołów S.A. dates back to 1899, when the Company branch in Robakowo was created. The other branches have a history of great passion and experience, that allow the Group to build its strengths every day. Each branch is created by people. Among them are professionals who remember the construction of the largest and one of the most modern facilities in Central and Eastern Europe in Sokołów Podlaski.

On 30 May 2018 the Sokołów Group acquired the Gzella Meat Group (Gzella Grupa Mięsna) along with a production facility located in Osie in the Tuchola Forest. It’s the next step in realisation of the company strategy, which includes providing optimal conditions for stable growth for all facilities and companies, a steady strengthening of market position, improvement of business profile and product quality, as well as being a partner for the clients and consumers.

We are constantly experiencing that our company owes its success to its employees.

Members of the Sokołów S.A. Management Board are people with extensive experience, sound factual knowledge and practical industry expertise. Since November 2023, Przemysław Gostkiewicz has served as Sokołów’s CEO.

Przemysław Gostkiewicz
President of the Management Board

Together, we are creating a more sustainable future for food.