and safety

For Sokołów S.A., customer satisfaction always comes first. Other Company priorities include:

Producing and supplying customers with products that meet the highest safety standards.

Building consumer trust by learning and meeting their requirements and expectations.

Utilising the potential of employees by perfecting incentive payment systems and creating optimal working conditions.

Caring about the environment through effective use of energy and introduction of energy-efficient technologies, as well as constant striving to minimize the impact of the Company's operations on the environment.

To meet the demands of customers, a quality management system has been implemented throughout the company. This system provides the foundation for other systems implemented in Sokołów plants, such as BRC and IFS, which have become a condition for cooperation with our most demanding customers.

Sokołów production plants are BRC and/or IFS certified, confirming fulfilment of the highest level of sanitary and technical requirements, which guarantee production of safe, quality products. Certificates confirm that production processes are designed so as to fulfil the legal and ethical requirements, also in relation to working conditions.