The taste
that we create for you

Join us on our culinary trip

Good food, a balanced diet and the search for new flavours – are these things important to you? Here in Sokołów, we believe they are! Careful preparation of meals and everyday celebration of food – this is a simple way to rediscover the culinary pleasure. While creating our products and working on their unique taste, we are thinking about all the moments that you spent together at the table with your loved ones. Follow us on a culinary adventure, where the latest nutritional trends are combined with the highest safety standards, creating a perfectly composed diet.

With a passion for flavours

In Sokołów we are passionate about creating flavours and searching for new solutions. We do this basing on two principles: respect for nature and traditional recipes and care for our consumers. Concern for a balanced diet is for us as important as the high quality of the ingredients used to prepare our products.

We create new flavours with authentic passion. We love experimenting and blazing culinary trails. Making non-obvious connections – this is what drives us. We know all the latest nutritional trends. We combine current consumer needs with our inspirations in a creative way, offering unique products full of flavour and rich in nutrients.

Every day we are using the data collected on the Mintel platform to learn the changing tastes of our consumers and to be able to meet expectations. We all know, however, that statistics are not everything. The most important are the people – that’s why we are so eager to hear comments about our products. Hence the idea of creating the innovations team in Sokołów, whose task is to develop and implement new products.

Together in the service of taste

Our team consists of employees from many different departments. Everyone who got involved in this task believes that they can do more together. The team comprises food technologists, trade office representatives, marketing, PR and communications department employees, and the chef – Dominik Moskalenko. Together, they test and taste, check and evaluate, to find the best solutions that will strike a chord with the consumers. It’s not an easy task. Our team is looking not only for the best tastes. The goal is to meet all the customer needs, also in terms of composition, weight or packaging. Team members also consider issues of how to best introduce the product to market, so that every consumer can find out about the new offer.

We listen carefully to the opinions of others

In Sokołów, we have a long-term relationship with bloggers. We value their knowledge and experience, believing that additional opinions help enrich our products with a new quality. While developing recipes for vegetable products from the “Z Gruntu Dobre” line, we have invited a group of bloggers – including vegetarians where they could be the first people to try our products and give their opinions on them. The bloggers got very involved in this task. All opinions collected during the workshops were forwarded to the innovations team, which used them in the further development of the products. Sokołów also often sends its products to bloggers who actively participate in our workshops, to get their opinions. This is a very valuable cooperation – thanks to the outside voices, we get a more complete picture of our products.

Also, the signals coming to us from our business partners and shops are very important to us. With all these opinions, we can refine the recipes, as well as optimize the entire process: from the creation of the product to placing it on the shelf.