Let's talk
about good food

Can you learn to eat healthy? Absolutely! In Sokołów we know that expanding knowledge on this topic can be done in a very interesting and attractive way. We can talk about the appropriately balanced diet, the nutritional values of individual products or appetizing recipes for healthy dishes without end. All this in order to promote good eating habits and healthy lifestyles. It is difficult not to agree with the saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body!”

Workshops with an idea

Since 2016 Sokołów S.A. is conducting cooking workshops that gather experts on both nutrition and cooking, as well as children and their parents, seniors or athletes. We are happy to talk about delicious, but healthy eating with journalists or bloggers too. The additional flavour is added by unique surroundings – a picturesque manor in Wola Suchożebrska, which hosts most of the workshops. Culinary art in line with the latest trends in nutrition and education on healthy eating – this is where you will learn it.

For taste, for health

The meetings at the Sokołów culinary workshops are organized on average six times a year. Their formula allows participants to engage in joint discussions, cooking and sharing knowledge.

Thanks to the activity of visitors we are learning their expectations and preferences associated with our offer – and this, in turn, may become the first step in the creation of a completely new, surprising and tasty product. During the workshop meetings, we deal with both new trends in nutrition and culinary inspirations that are just overflowing with tastes and aromas. But we also touch issues that are important for society. A properly balanced diet is, in fact, one of the key factors determining the well-being of diabetic patients or the elderly”, says Marcin Bałanda, Company Director, PR and Communications.

Learning from the best

The Sokołów culinary workshops takes us everywhere there is a need for an injection of a fresh bit of nutrition knowledge. To offer our guests the most up-to-date knowledge about nutrition and culinary arts, we have invited recognised experts to join the workshops. One of them is Dominik Moskalenko, Sokołów S.A. culinary advisor, winner of prestigious competitions and a chef who learned the profession in Poland and UK, where he had the opportunity to cook, among others, for Queen Elizabeth II or David Beckham.