Corporate social responsibility

At Sokołów S.A. we feel responsible for the people for whom we work and for the environment in which we operate. Therefore, production safety and quality, high animal husbandry standards and humane treatment of animals are very important to us. We respect the environment, so we have introduced measures aimed at reducing CO2 emissions – and these are only some of the activities within the Corporate Social Responsibility framework. All of them are included in the "We Satisfy Your Appetite for a Better Tomorrow” campaign.

The core of the campaign...

The core of the campaign are the CSR initiatives undertaken so far by the company. They are complemented by themed meetings and workshops devoted to healthy and tasty eating which are conducted allow us a full realisation of the assumptions of the corporate social responsibility and to create perfect tastes. A "good food” is food that is characterised not only by proper nutritional values but also that is coming from a safe and trusted source and is produced according to the highest standards. How to find it on the shelf and how to prepare it without losing its valuable properties? With the "We Satisfy Your Appetite for a Better Tomorrow” campaign, Sokołów S.A. will help find the answers to these questions by implementing several activities refining the production and increasing product quality, as well as by sharing the most current knowledge about nutrition.


Each step is important

“Our campaign is a response to the growing expectations of the public regarding healthy eating. More and more people want to know what's behind the product labels and how to compose a properly balanced menu. The type of diet determines not only our figure but above all, our health. Providing adequate nutrients is just one of the issues that we will cover in the "We Satisfy Your Appetite for a Better Tomorrow” campaign. We also want to embed in the minds of consumers why it is important to select food from a safe source and how our daily food choices affect our future” says Marcin Bałanda, Company Director, PR and Communications.

For food, for the future

According to the idea of the "We Satisfy Your Appetite for a Better Tomorrow” campaign Sokołów S.A. is implementing a number of initiatives aimed at providing customers with the highest quality products and helping the environment. “The "We Satisfy Your Appetite for a Better Tomorrow” campaign is in part a summary of our current activities related to the improvement of products and changes which, for example, reduce CO2 emissions. Notable among them is a programme of direct cooperation with farmers "Together into the Future", which guarantees full control over animal husbandry conditions and ensures animal welfare, and a programme of replacing coal-fired boilers with gas boilers. Caring for the animal husbandry, production safety, the environment, but also investing in the continuous development of employees and infrastructure ensures that our customers get the highest-quality meat and cold cuts, made with respect for the common good” says Marcin Bałanda.

The safety of products supplied to consumers is a priority for Sokołów.  “All our plants have implemented the Quality Management System corresponding to a globally recognized BRC and IFS standards, considering both the requirements of the food law and the requirements relating to the ethical aspects of the company operations.  The quality and effectiveness of the system are periodically verified and certified by external audit firms accredited by the owners of these standards” adds Antoni Gibowicz, a veterinarian and the Management Board Quality Control System Proxy.

A solid portion of knowledge

One of the pillars of the "We Satisfy Your Appetite for a Better Tomorrow” CSR campaign is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. These topics are covered by the experts participating in workshop series. Among them is Dominik Moskalenko, a chef who learned his profession in Poland and the UK, where he had the opportunity to cook for celebrities such as Queen Elizabeth and David Beckham. Dominik Moskalenko is currently a culinary advisor to the Sokołów Group. The company has plans to cooperate with bloggers and influencers specialising in the topic of cooking and eating.

The culinary workshops are also about ideas for delicious recipes and joint discussions on delicious and healthy dishes. During the past workshops, we will be talking about high-quality products that are important to our health and about the environment and how to protect it starting from our kitchens. These took place under the “No waste” motto.

Everyone is important to us

A healthy diet based on tasty, lovingly prepared products is not only important for the young and active.  “Sokołów S.A. will tackle difficult topics which are essential to society.  We are talking about a diet for seniors or people with diabetes. Panels on these issues will also be part of a series of our workshops adds Marcin Bałanda. 

A healthy diet is crucial for our quality of life. It is particularly important for people with specific needs and culinary requirements. Therefore Sokołów S.A. engages in education, teaching how to prepare simple and delicious, yet nutritious dietetic meals that are appropriate for seniors.

On the other hand, the company conducts activities promoting change in eating habits for diabetics, proposing them new products and dishes that would fit well in their demanding diet. The result of the first actions was the development of a mini-guide for people with diabetes and education about “Meat and sausages in the diet for diabetic patients.” To take advantage of the recipes developed especially for diabetics visit